For my final major project I had to develop and fulfil a self-authored brief.

Due to my part-time employment at a signage company and my interest in information graphics and wayfinding I decided to develop a brief to explore the navigational systems at Heathrow Airport.


Title: How can the navigational systems within airports be improved to give the flyer a smoother stress free travel experience?

In this image you can see some of my final pieces displayed in our end of year exhibition at London's Brick Lane. Due to the nature of the project I thought it would be best to maintain a signage feel to the main pieces, so I applied a printed vinyl to the back of 10mm thick clear polycarbonate and mounted them to the wall.


The acronym ISANS stands for: "International Standardisation of Airport Navigational Systems"


Below is a simple 3D representation of the potential sign layouts, produced in Cinema 4D, as well as the full icon set and page examples from my end of project book which brought together all my results, findings and artwork.


In year 2 my self-authored brief was to form a questionnaire and design an information graphic to represent the results. The questionnaire was designed to discover people's perceptions and opinions of the heavy metal music genre. I then chose to present the collected information as a radial chart. The chart allowed me to show the percentage share of answers, as well as written words.